Mosman currently has a maximum building height limit of 3 storeys in residential zones.

State Govt are proposing to increase this to 7 storeys. (See catchment map - scroll down).

They are doing this to encourage developers to knock down houses and build 7 storey unit blocks instead.

If the developers DA complies with height & FSR controls then it may not be refused for any other reasons.

This will spoil Mosman.

It will create problems inc; traffic congestion, street parking, view loss, heritage, overshadowing, biodiversity and lack of infrastructure.

A compromise would be to allow Mosman Council to develop its own plan in order to meet its housing targets so highrise and overdevelopment doesn't occur in the wrong locations.

State Govt Housing Reforms. Mosman Proposal

Catchment Map

Note: Catchment map is approximate distances only. No policy changes are proposed outside of the 800m. ring or within commercial areas shown in dark and light blue.

What will be permissible

Example of what will be permissible

This is artists impression of 87 Muston St. on Balmoral slopes. (Image courtesy of Mosman Council). Under the proposal it could look like this, as could 100's of other houses in Mosman. 


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